Consumer perceptions of effectiveness of ambush marketing

The fight between Audi and BMW lasted for several months and resulted in four separate billboard ads running simultaneously in the same geographic location, which almost definitely drove costs up even further.

An Assessment of Consumer Knowledge of, Interest in, and Perceptions of Ambush Marketing Strategies

Originally, many cases of ambush marketing arose because opportunistic competitors exploited the lack of agreement internally between different levels of major sporting organizations and externally with broadcasters and licensees. To advertise its iPod Nano line, Apple erected a billboard ad next to the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal displaying the vividly colorful MP3 players in a satisfying rainbow-ribbon arrangement.

An inevitable consequence of the different levels of property rights is conflict between competing sponsors that may each have legitimately paid for particular rights. Previously assumed sponsorship-related expenditures, eg. Finally, we need to figure out how much it cost Samsung to put on its event in Sydney.

Ambush Marketing Can Be Very Expensive The main drawback of ambush marketing is that it has the potential to be very expensive.

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Time for some napkin math! If we regard the practice as unethical, againstwhat benchmarks can we make such a judgment? What Is Ambush Marketing? Dan Shewan Originally from the U. BMW example above, ambush campaigns often respond directly to one another, which can turn visual humor into a vital competitive edge.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ambush Marketing? First up, a primer on the basics. The organisational decision process preceding the sponsorship investment seems to be such that too many activities are undertaken, sometimes with vague objectives, if any.

The offending little red Fiat is no longer immortalized in Maps results, as Google refreshed the old image with a newer image that was taken in June of Not exactly small change. This means that time and space are crucial factors in many ambush marketing campaigns.

Ambush Marketing: What It Is & Why It Works

The existence of this "incidental" or "involuntary" Ambush effect has been suggested elsewhere in relation to other forms of sponsorship such as Sport and Event-related sponsorship programs Quester, Image via Sydney Morning Herald.

The survey was conducted over a weekend in June If this were a typical ad campaign, we might use the following formula to come up with some numbers: Why Use Ambush Marketing? Common Ambush Strategies Ambushing refers to a continuum of situations, with varying extents of legal and ethical infringement.

An 'Old-School' Sell for Ticket. Why Use Ambush Marketing? Further more, the value of sponsorship as an internal means of creating or maintaining staff morale was also mentioned by one respondent. The revenue sources contrast starkly with the games.

Topics discussed include the launch of Hyundai at the NFL season opener held September 10,the company's replacement of General Motors as automotive sponsor of the sportsThe Effectiveness of Ambush Marketing Strategies - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

An assessment of consumer knowledge of, interest in, and perceptions of ambush marketing strategies

The 3 methods are measuring effectiveness of the ambush marketing. Table 1 and 2 shows the general background of the sample. Gender at consumer perception. Although more than a half had.

Consumers’ Perceptions of Sponsorship Sources Pascale G.

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Quester, University of Adelaide ABSTRACT - Increasing interest by firms into the potential communication impact of sponsorship has resulted in considerable expenditures in this area, yet to be matched by equal levels of research into the effectiveness of this technique.

Presents a study that examined the perceptions of consumers regarding sponsorship rights and the practice of ambush marketing around the National Football League Super Bowl.

Estimates on the total worldwide expenditure on sponsorship in ; Definition and means of ambush marketing. The practice of non-sponsors' association with an event without having an official or direct connection is referred as ambush marketing The phenomenon of ambush marketing is not new.

In modern sport history, arguably beginning with the Olympic Games in Atlanta, ambush marketing practice has evolved and become sophisticated.

As a matter of fact, it should be examined that whether ambush marketing activities can be an effective marketing strategy for company than sponsorship activities with massive sponsorship fee. This paper explores the effectiveness of ambush marketing of global sports events on customer perceptions.

Initiatives can be taken as the creation of a specific event or sponsoring exclusive sponsorship to prevent ambush marketing operations (ambush marketing) events sponsored by competitors (Fuchs, ). Involvement in the duration and extent to sponsor events is the key to successful sponsorship operations (Cameron et al.

Ambush Marketing: What It Is & Why It Works


Consumer perceptions of effectiveness of ambush marketing
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