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Know of any green entrepreneurs who should be interviewed on IdeaMensch? Juice or Smoothie Bar Juice and smoothie bars are becoming increasingly popular.

Early life[ edit ] While in high school in Santa MonicaGreen was interested in politics and community activism. Green Blogger For entrepreneurs that are more focused on writing, you can start a blog about environmental topics and then make money through advertising or selling green products of some kind.

It started as a design idea in and has since blossomed into a full scale social enterprise with a growing line of seedbomb products and services. The company give customers the ability to comparison shop for electricity providers and save on electricity expenses.

Second Hand Store Owner To give new life to a variety of older products, you can open a consignment or second-hand storewhich can also keep many of those items out of landfills. Moreover, he realized that it was also the single largest producer of CO2 and waste into landfills. Vaughn Spethmann, Co-Founder of Zambikes Vaughn Spethmann has been working on developing world transportation solutions for almost five years, and has been at the helm of scaling up and producing new ideas for bamboo bicycles and medical and cargo entrepreneurial trailers.

So you could open a dealership that specifically works with automotive brands that sell electric or hybrid models.

David Green (entrepreneur)

Food Plant Nursery You can also encourage others to eat sustainable food by helping them grow their own. Nokero is a fully-financed, privately held company with offices in Denver, Colorado and Hong Kong. Share The Green will rank the most influential cannabis companies in North America.

Pool Cleaner During the warm months, you can offer your services as a pool cleaner and make sure you use sustainable products and methods.

When you no longer need something, the service will find someone who does. There are currently over 50 seedbomb dispensers deployed around the world. It also educates consumers both residential and small commercial users on how they can reduce their energy usage and further reduce cost.

So you can start a business refilling them so that customers can get more use out of them instead of continuing to buy new ones. The company has built a first-of-its-kind cannabis ecosystem that includes a brand creation, product development and marketing platform complemented by an original award-winning content studio and lifestyle destination website that sees more than 2 million unique visitors each month.

Electric Car Dealership Electric cars are slowly gaining popularity. Learn more at www. Recycled Fashion Likewise, you can utilize older clothing and materials to make re-styled items and then sell those items in a handmade shop or local boutiques.

Entrepreneur Media Announces The Creation Of The Green 400 List Of Top Cannabis Leaders

Green Publisher If you want to spread the word about certain environmental initiatives or trends, you can work as a publisher of a green publication like a magazine or even an online newsletter. Graham-Nye launched gDiapers with his wife Kim inand has been nurturing the company into a growing success every year since.

Learn how to be featured on IdeaMensch. And thus Go Green Fundraising was born. As an avid traveler, Vina has always embraced the idea of living simply and in small living spaces.

Joe Green (entrepreneur)

Ganz was pivotal in helping the Democratic Party with its grassroots organizing. Eco-Friendly Soap Maker Or you can build a handmade business by making soap with natural materials and ingredients. Made with love in Missoula, Montana. It started as a design idea in and has since blossomed into a full scale social enterprise with a growing line of seedbomb products and services.Or if you just want to hang around a group of positive professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are thriving as we carefully balance economic, environmental and.

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26 Green Entrepreneurs Who Are Helping Our Environment

likes. The cannabis business authority. Part of the Entrepreneur community. The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Green Business. Joe Green is a social entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley in the United States.

He is the co-founder (along with Sean Parker) of Causes, a company most famous for its Facebook app designed to encourage philanthropy and make giving a social experience.

David Green (born November 13, ) is an American businessman and the founder of Hobby Lobby, a chain of arts and crafts stores. Career. Inwhile a store manager with variety store chain TG&Y, Green took a.

Green entrepreneur
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