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Staycations, mini-moons, flash-packing and glamping have all been born of hard times. Elkington eds Landscapes of Leisure: Against a backdrop of video interpretation portraying killing squads in action, the pseudo holocaust victim enters a personal ID into monitors as they wander around the Thanatourism dark tourism to discover how their real-life counterpart is faring.

Fukushima and the morbid allure of 'dark tourism'

The most accepted scholar is probably A. It is also problematic to group all dark tourism destinations together under one category, making it just as difficult to group together motivations for visiting them. Palgrave Macmillan Brown, J.

A Strategic Marketing Approach, Oxon: With primitive medical care, life expectancy was much shorter and as a result, the general population was much more comfortable with death.

While that is a major criticism of the industry, it is by no means the sole function of dark tourism.

The dark side of tourism

It sounds grim, but then 'dark tourism' as it is better known ain't exactly happy camping. The author has acknowledged the issues regarding motivations for dark tourism and how there is still not a clear motivation as of yet. Pop Culture Pilgrim, London: People may hesitate going to their local or distant school to visit a shooting site.

Constructing Immortality, New York: The Drama Review, The Global Rush to Commemorate Atrocities. Ultimately the motive for Auschwitz-Birkenau is to memorialize the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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Guilty Landscapes and the selective reconstruction of the Past: Opinions have been addressed also about the questionable, continuous, extremely graphic, visual presentation of the executions of the victims. The Attraction of Death and Disaster, Andover: Hampshire, Chaplin Books Eyre, T.

Dark tourism

Dates for some thanatourism pilgrimages are important, of course, such as the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F.

Managing and Interpreting Dark Places, London: Slade, However tourism to 'dark' places has been growing significantly and theorists have noticed and attempted to understand it, as the phenomenon specifically in the last century has become more widespread and diverse. While these inaccuracies still exist in less developed countries and at sites of lesser known significant death, the internet and mass media has put pressure on more developed dark tourism sites to tell the whole story.

News and World Report, 2 Duncan Light, Progress in dark tourism and thanatourism research: An uneasy relationship with heritage tourism, Tourism Management,61, CrossRef 3 Jinwei Wang, Xianrong Luo, Resident perception of dark tourism impact: the case of Beichuan County, China, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change,1 CrossRef.

Dark tourism: why are we attracted to tragedy and death?

Leading the field are Lennon and Foley who labeled it Dark Tourism, Seaton who coined the term Thanatourism, and Rojek who developed the concept of Black Spots. However, despite ongoing study, there has been a paucity in understanding what actually motivates individuals to sites of dark tourism.

In his article, From Thanatopsis to Thanatourism: Guided by the Dark, Seaton argues that thanatourism is dependent on the traveller’s frame of mind. The thanatourist is “motivated by the desire for actual or symbolic encounters with death.” but I think we can see that dark tourism and grief tourism are the more general terms.

Dark Tourism (also known as Black Tourism or Thanatourism) may be defined as the act of travelling purposefully to visit historical sites which are associated in some way with death, either at the hands of another person or as a result of some incredible disaster.

Pros and Cons of Dark Tourism Dark tourism also known as ‘Thanatourism’ especially in the academic arena, is the tourism activities mainly in the heritage or historical sites with controversies and other attractions and exhibitions of death, disaster, memorial sites or the seemingly macabre that were shadowed in the past.

Top 10 dark tourism sites

The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism illustrates how research in this area has moved from the simple theoretical development and case studies presented in Foley and Lennon to an understanding the development and management of dark tourism Richard Sharpley.

Thanatourism dark tourism
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