We the indians should follow the west for development and need not think of our rich tradition

Now, we are free and still Indian. I think that india should make population planning because we dont want our country to be second highest populated country and only seventh largest country in terms of area.

But at end of the day, we humans could not adopt some good cultures like time punctuation, cleanliness, innovation, work complete before deadlines etc that is more needed in now in these days. I mean, who likes kathak and Bharatnatyam.

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We should not follow the west for development and need think of our rich tradition?

Then why we are following western culture. A popular serial "Hum Log" used to be aired. They do not even know their origins. Children spend most of their childhood with video games.

We chose to educate our kids in convent schools and Kendriya Vidyalaya remained with government employees. But the long term impact of these plans do not seem to serve the purpose, or what should be the purpose of any government, that is, prosperity of the common man. These days its just total and absolute addiction to entertainment and fun seeking activities and temporary gratification of senses.

But absolutely our culture is decaying. I do not know if there is any Sanskrit-medium school in India. With the changing times, India is becoming influenced by western culture.

And the way we celebrate it is much better than western culture. There are many reasons why the Japanese became one of the richest on earth. We have dowry system, even now in many rural places child marriages are happening. Back in those days, people used to wear this and sarees. Because we try to put ourselves in better than the earlier lifestyle.

It is because they are more comfortable to work with, takes less time to wear, easier to maintain and also have the ability to hold stuff pockets.

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Dec 28, Hi Friends, First of all, I would like to thank all of you and take this opportunity to say a few words on Indian culture is decaying.

And they will never be flushed, annihilated or washed off as long as they keep their skullcaps and long flowing gowns. Even after independence 40 cases were discovered on Sati, god knows how many were not known to the jurisdiction.

So I say my culture is always better.We should make awareness program so that people can understand the greatness of our culture and tradition. We should respect and follow our culture.

And I am not saying that we should not adopt the western culture, but we should respect their culture and should accept their culture only if that is good for our society. Indians talk that. It's quite obvious how the west has advanced over the rest of the world.

If so, it makes more sense to follow them. Does leaving our Indian culture and following the West mean we are modern and not orthodox? No, leaving our culture to follow “some other” does not always mean modernity.

should western culture be adopted in eastern countries like India?

Think about it, we could be leaving ours completely to practice African tribal culture. Is that by any chance modern? Nope. Who told you we Indians are leaving our.

Read the pros and cons of the debate should western culture be adopted in eastern countries like India?

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POLLS. Google Search. My Debates. should western culture be adopted in eastern countries like India? We should not only consider festivals as our culture and foremost thing, festivals are.

Apr 23,  · The Importance of traditional cultures and indigenous practices The young generation today need to practice the rich cultures of the country so that they are preserved for the future generations. self-sufficiency and national identify as the core of our national development, we refer to culture as the fountain spring of all.

The concept of property ownership was not prominent in American Indian cultures c.

Our Culture is Decaying

In many American Indian cultures, cooperative, group activities were stressed over those of a .

We the indians should follow the west for development and need not think of our rich tradition
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